Use custom images / links to open chatbox

You can use your own links or images to open the chatbox:

Use images for online / offline status:

Just create an image container in your website with the class "frescochat-img", for example

<img class="frescochat-img" style="display:none"/>

Then, at FrescoChat control panel, select the images you want to display for online and offline status

But not only images...

Any clickable HTML tag can be used to open FrescoChat chatbox

<a class="frescochat" href="#">Click to chat! </a>

The html objects can be div, span, li, or any clickable DOM object

You can also configure the visibility of your HTML element

<a class="frescochat" data-frescochat-showif="online" style="display:none" href="#">Click to chat! </a>
Will show this link only when the live chat status is online

<a class="frescochat" data-frescochat-showif="offline" style="display:none" href="#">Leave a message </a>

Hide the default chatbar on specific pages

Grab  your universal installation code and add a data-frescochat-hidden attribute on those pages where you want to alter the chat bar visibility

 <script id='fresco_script' data-frescochat-hidden="1" data-frescochat='YOUR-FRESCO-ID'>
    var frescochat_script = document.createElement("script");
    frescochat_script.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https:' : 'http:') + '//';
    frescochat_script.async = true;

Possible values:

data-frescochat-hidden="1" --> Will hide the default chat bar regardless of your live chat status
data-frescochat-hidden="2" --> Will hide the default chat bar only when your live chat status is OFFLINE

Please note that if you need a default behavior across all your website pages, you can do it by configuring the chat bar settings on your FrescoChat Control Panel.

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