Gravatar Integration

Some of your website visitors might want to know with whom they are chatting, who is on the other side of the line. It makes the experience for the users more personal and professional.


let the visitors know with whom they are chatting: display your picture, current location and a brief text about you.

Gravatar is an open avatar provider where you can upload your pictures, contact information and info about yourself.

The fields displayed on the live chat widget are:

– Main picture
– Current Location
– About me
Any other data in your profile will not be displayed.

How to configure the Gravatar Integration:

Log into FrescoChat Control Panel, go to Agents, and click the name of the agent.
In the box Avatar & Display Info you can do this setting.

Enter the e-mail account you registered at in the bottom field. It may be different than your IM Account.
Click Update to save this setting.

The picture will be displayed in the grey title bar of the box and your web site visitors will see the agent’s picture and details in a chat, as shown above.

Alternatively you can upload a picture for your agent and enter Location details and Job title, without using a Gravatar account. How to do this is described in the HowTo Adding a picture as an agent’s Avatar.


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