Translate / Localize texts on chatbox

“Can I change the texts of my FrescoChat live chat widget from the default texts to other texts or even a different language?”

Yes, if you have the Plus or the Corp Plan, you can.

(Compare the features included in the Plans here: Compare).

To change your texts, login to the FrescoChat Control Panel, and go to the menu Chat Box > Translation/Localization.

That is where you can change the texts and greetings, and also the Chat Transcript e-mail message that your visitors receive.
You can enter different -shorter- texts to be displayed on mobile devices here as well. Apart from that there are some more settings to adjust the behaviour of the chat bar on mobile devices.

The default texts will give you an idea of what texts will be suitable, but you can change them to what suits you and your website best. Besides there are buttons with a ? to provide you with some contextual help.

Here are some nice examples of FrescoChat users who localized their texts:

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