Queues - visitors waiting to chat


When all the agents are busy, the next visitor who wishes to start a live chat will receive a message asking him or her to wait, and they will receive their position in the queue. More visitors arriving after this one will also be queued and each one increments a number in the queue.
When an agent ends one chat, he immediately receives a chat request from the visitor that is at the top position in the queue, and once the agent accepts, all the waiting visitors get their updated position in the queue, as a message in the chat widget.


Users who are requesting a live chat from a Trigger Rule don’t enter this queue, because they have been invited to chat instead of requesting a chat by themselves, so they have priority. They enter a special queue for visitors coming from a Trigger Rule. This queue has priority over the standard (chat request) queue.


Once the agent receives a chat request from one of both queues, it enters the normal ‘chat request’ process with the usual timeout settings.


Per Account you can set a maximum queue length. If the queue reaches this limit, the chat widget will show the ‘no available agents’ message to the next visitor. This setting can be adjusted in the Control Panel, menu Account Settings. That is where you enable and disable the Queue feature and set the queue length. The Queue is enabled by default and the Queue length is set to 0 = unlimited by default. You might want to change this for your website.


The default message for waiting visitors in the queue is “Please hold while we find a customer service agent to assist you. You are number {position} in the queue.” This message can be changed or translated in the Control Panel, menu Chat Box > Translation/Localization.

You might also be interested to read Maximum Concurrent Chats about the number of chats that an agent will have to handle before the next visitor will receive a message to wait in queue or to send an offline message.

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