Maximum concurrent chats

You can set the maximum number of concurrent chats. Each agent in a Plus Plan has 2 IM channels, and each agent in  Corp Plan has 5 IM channels, but suppose you want to use only 2 of those 5 channels, in other words handle only 2 simultaneous chats at a time, you just set the number of maximum concurrent chats to 2.

Settings to be done in the Control Panel, menu Agents, click the agent involved, box Basic Information.

Then, as soon as your agent is chatting with 2 (= max. no. of concurrent chats for this agent) visitors at the same time, the next chat will go to the next available agent, and if the other agents are offline or busy, theQueues feature will go into effect: the next visitors will have to wait in the queue. Or, if you have set the maximum Queue length to zero, they will receive the (customizable) message “Sorry, there are no available agents to assist you right now. Please leave us a message.”

Examples of an IM client (Messages on iMac) with 2 IM channels, handling 2 chats. The conversations are stacked on top of each other in this client, making it easy for the agent to switch between conversations.

FrescoChat channel 01, agent is currently reading/typing messages with the visitor on channel 01.

FrescoChat channel 02, chat is also ongoing, but the agent is currently reading/typing on channel 01.

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