Info about the chat request for your agents

We have added more detailed information for your agents about the chat requests they receive and the visitor involved.

Apart from the request to the agents to accept the chat by typing “y” (for yes, to accept) or “n” (for no, to reject), they will also see:

  • City
  • Country
  • Message typed by the visitor
  • The name of the Trigger Rule originating the chat request (if any).
  • Chat history (if any): When a visitor already had another chat with one of your agents earlier, your agent will see a link to view all the chat history with this visitor. This feature is IP-based, so the system will recognize the same IP address from the visitor and show the link to the chat history.

If the first live chat request times out, then the next requests will not show this detailed info again, but shorter messages, such as “chat request from your site, please type “y” to accept or “n” to reject”. The previous detailed info will still be visible in the previous chat request notification, shown above the last one in your chat screen.



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