Priorities for delivering messages on multiple devices

We received an interesting question from one our customers:


“Is there a setting that when I’m logged in with desktop and with Android, that the chats should first go to desktop, and not first to Android? Now it jumps 1st to Android”.


Since this might be good to know for all of you, here’s some explanation: 

So where do the messages go, when you are connected from multiple devices at the same time…? It is not something random. It’s configured on the IM client’s priority. Most of the clients, except Pidgin and Adium, do have this setting.

The messages are sent to the client/device that has the highest priority. If some clients have the same priority, then the messages go to all of them.

In the cases of Pidgin and Adium: they have preconfigured priorities, given the status:

Status Name Priority
Available 1
Chatty 1
Away 0
Do Not Disturb 0
Extended Away 0

So, if you work with Pidgin or Adium on the desktop and IM+ on iPhone, if you set the Priority to 0, then it will not send messages to the phone if your status on Pidgin or Adium is available or chatty. But if your status on Pidgin is one of the others, it will send it to both Pidgin/Adium and IM+.

If you set IM+ priority to 1, it will always send the messages to Pidgin/Adium and IM+ when your status is available or chatty, and only to IM+ for the other status.

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