Configure your working hours

By configuring your working hours, you decide at what time FrescoChat will automatically change your availability from online to offline and vice-versa.


  • The schedule configuration is per agent. Every agent can set up their own working schedule with their own time zone.
  • Your IM status has priority over the schedule configuration. This means that FrescoChat will not switch your availability to online  if your IM status is offline.
  • You can add any number of time ranges you need for your lunch breaks, or any complex shift scheme.
  • If an agent needs to be online, even when he is out of his working hours, you can simply disable the schedule and he will become immediately online


1) Open the "Working hours" section at FrescoChat Control Panel by Navigating to Agents -> Working hours

2) It is important not to forget to choose the time zone for the agent

3) For every new time range you want to add, drag the blue label to the calendar view. You can drad and resize each time range to fit your desired time shifts

4) Make sure the Enabled checbox is checked and click "Save changes"

That's it, your schedule is now active.

Keep in mind that for every time range, it might be a delay of up to 5 minutes to effectively turn your availability on or off.

Disable an agent's schedule

There might be times, when your agents need to be online although they are out of their working hours. Agents can do this without even signing in to the control panel. They just need to send a message to any of their channels (contacts in their IM client):

!schedule off

Then when they wish to enable the schedule again, they should send another message

!schedule on

Of course, the same can be achieved by disabling the schedule for that agent at control panel 

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