Changes to layout + new avatar

We have introduces some changes to the chatbox design and the new  "chatbox avatar".

Summary of changes

  • The title for Online / Offline status was moved to the chatbox header, and the "old" chatbox header title has been removed
  • The welcome message is now within a highlighted container
  • The minimize icon was removed
  • The icon at the left of the title was removed
  • Default chatbar is now a little wider and has bigger font size



Please, make sure that these changes apply smoothly on your site's chatbox. If you have a long title you may need to shorten it

Introduction of chatbox Avatar

The chatbox avatar can be anything you like, we have some pre-loaded cartoon figures, or you can upload your own one. It could also be a logo. This avatar is not the same as the agent avatar, which is displayed when an agent accepts a chat request from the web visitor.

The chatbox avatar is also displayed when it is activated by a trigger rule:

By default, current accounts have no chatbox avatar configured. If you want to configure it, read here.

We hope you like these changes. We are working to make FrescoChat better!

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