Form Builder: Cusomize pre-chat and offline forms

What can you do with the form builder?

  • Add new text input fields or dropdown options
  • Mark a field required or optional, visible or not, on both, the pre-chat and offline forms
  • Form fields can be only enabled for all or certain departments
  • Set the field label and validation text
  • Customize the order of appearance in the chatbox

On your panel menu, click the "Form Builder" menu item

In this screen you can change the order of your fields, create new fields or edit existing ones

Edit the field configuration

Example 1:
This example shows you how you can have different fields for every department. 

While the support department asks for a Ticket ID or Account name as an optional field, the sales department ask for a different input, in this case a dropdown list.

  • When you receive a chat request, you'll see the user input on your chat client. 
  • On offline messages, the user input will be added to the email message
  • User input is added when you search chats in the chat archive and it is exported to the CSV file

Example 2:
Sometimes you may want to avoid showing the "message" field when the chatbox is in online mode. The user might just enter the name and e-mail field and click the begin chat without an initial message

ONLINE MODE - Without message box

OFFLINE MODE - With message box

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