Voice and Video Chat (beta)

Voice and video chat is a feature currently in beta period. It is available on all our plans.  Starting on October 1st 2016, the feature will be limited to the CORP plan  

How does it work?

  • An agent may start a voice or video chat by sending the message !call on the IM client (or using the menu option on the web chat dashboard).
  • Both, the agent and the visitor will be asked to click a link to open the video chat room. The video chat starts automatically when both users enter the video chat room
  • A video chat can only be started when an agent is already chatting with a visitor. It does not work in a standalone way.


  • Video/Voice chat is available on desktop versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Currently not available on mobile devices.
  • Chat information will tell you if the visitor is in a compatible browser/device for establishing a video chat

Enable Video or Voice only Chat

You can choose to enable only voice chat or a full fledged video chat. 
On FrescoChat Panel Menu, select Account Settings

Localize messages

  On FrescoChat Panel Menu, select  Chatbox -> Translation
Replace the messages with your own ones

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